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KT961 degassing agent for powder coating

KT961 is a kind of modified polyethylene wax to improve degassing of porous substrates. The additive also helps to improve surface slip and make aluminum powder floating more easy in metallic formulation.
2.Technical data
   Appearance           very fine powder
   Melting range          118~138℃
   D50(particle size)       appromix  6.5μm
   Volatile               ≤1.5%
This product helps to eliminate the pinhole in porous substrate. It is just incorporated into powder formulation and homogenized with resin and other components to form an uniform system ,then extruded. Dry blending with powder can also work well. Normally the dosage for KT961 is from 0.5~2% based on  the total powder. The precise amount should be tested in the lab.
PE-lined, multi-ply paper bag.Net weight :20Kg
Storage and handling
Store this product in dry place at ambient temperature. The minimum shelf life is 2 years when properly stored.