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KT320 HAA system for powder coating

Curing Agent KT320 is suitable for the production of outdoor polyester powder coatings. It has the characteristics of low toxicity, no irritant to skin, good weather durability, etc. The chemical structure of KT320 is β-hydroxyalkylamide.
Technical data:
Appearance White powder
Melting range 123 ~ 128℃
OH-Equi 82 ±2 g/eq.
Non volatile 99.0%min
KT320 can be cured with carboxylic polyester. The acid value ranges form 25 to 45 mgkH/g. It is important to select appropriate resin in the formulation to control the possible yellowing phenomena. It is recommended to add certain amount of degassing additive (such as Benzoin) to prevent micro-pinhole due to the water produced during the crosslinking reaction of KT320 and carboxylic polyester.
Curing condition ranges from 180 to 200℃/10-15min. generally, 180℃@15min is preferred.
Reference Formulation:
CC7630 (UCB) 62.5wt%
KT320 3.3wt%
PV88 0.8wt%
Benzoin 0.5wt%
TiO2 32.9wt%
*Polyester: AV 35mgkoh/g
Available in polyethylene-lined, multi-ply paper bags, N.W. 20KGS/Bag.
Storage and Handling:
KT320 is soluble in water; store in closed container, seal the container after use.