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KT308 Conductivity Promoter for powder coating

KT308 has the conductivity properties of powder coatings which improves the application characteristics and coating quality. Normally it is used to improve the coverage and film builds rates of powder coatings. It is very effective in recessed areas where it will reduce the Faraday cage effects. KT308 also helps to enhance flow of powder coatings during application.

2.Technical Data:
Appearance                 white powder of small granules
Melting range                 60~65℃
Density                      0.87g/cm3

KT308 is applied in all kinds of powder coating systems. It should be added to the powder coating before extrusion. The dosage in the formulation is from 0.1 to 0.3% based on the total powder, the detailed amount should be confirmed in the lab.     
Available in pe-lined, multi-ply paper bags, net weight: 25kg.

5.Storage and handling:
Store in dry place at ambient temperature. The minimum shelf life is 2 years when properly stored.