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KT216 matting agent for powder coating

KT216 mixed powder coating matting agent

1 product profiles

KT216 is a reactive delustrant inner balance, for mixed indoor extinction. KT216 is characterized by resistance to yellowing, good storage stability, the surface is fine and plump, more than 170 degrees Celsius to achieve a cure, a stronger polyester adaptability, the minimum can be less than 6 degrees of extinction effect.

2 technical parameters

Appearance: light yellow powder

Volatile matter: <1.5%

Melting process: 105-135

3 technology and application characteristics

Used in 50/50 and 60/40 systems.

In the actual formula through the combination of different polyester acid value to obtain satisfactory extinction effect.

KT216 is a non wax system, which can be used in black system.

The addition of powder is 1% to 4% of the total amount of powder, the difference of the baking temperature and the effect of the extrusion screw will not have a significant influence on the gloss.

Curing temperature is 15min@170-180 DEG C.

4 reference formula

Note: EEW800-900 epoxy, polyester: 3B titanium dioxide R902: Excalibur, DuPont, barium sulfate: W-44HB.

5 storage packaging

Store in a cool, dry place, sealed with Polyethylene Lined with kraft paper, net weight: 25 kg.