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KT205 matting agent for powder coating


KT205 is a kind of matting agent based on polyacrylate resin, applied for hybrid systems. It’s wax free and none yellowing. Normally gloss level from 6 to 40 can be easily obtained by adjustment of formulation with the dosage of 1% to 4% based on the total powder.

2.Technical data

Appearance:white or yellowish powder


Melting point :105-138℃


KT205 is suitable for 50/50, 60/40,hybrid systems. Very excellent color stability even at high bake temperature, this makes the KT205 particularly suitable for light shades.

The gloss level varies from the polyester resin selected and the formulation applied.

Generally, the gloss of powder based on the KT205 can be adjusted by selecting:

The amount of matting agent from 1% to 4% based on the total powder, the type of polyester resin.

More dosage will lead to the increasing of gloss level, for more details, please check in the lab.

4.Suggested formulation

Epoxy resin: EEW 800-900,polyester: AV: 68-75mgKOH/g 3B from shenjian chemical.


5.Storage and package

Keep in the cool and dry place, PE-lined, with multi-ply paper bag, net weight : 25kg