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KT188 matting agent for powder coating

KT188 is a type of flatting agent based on the reaction of epoxy acrylic resin, mainly used for outdoor powder coating matting, can be used for TGIC or HAA system, through the adjustment of the formula can obtain the extinction effect glossiness is 1 to 30 degrees.

Two, technical parameters

Appearance: white particles

Melting range: 115 ~ 130 DEG C

Volatile parts: < 1

Glass transition temperature (c) 64-71

Epoxy equivalent (g / equivalent) 500-600

Three, application characteristics

1, KT188 can be used for TGIC or HAA, the acid value was 30-35mgKOH/g in polyester resin and KT188 ratio of 75:25, the acid value was 20-25mgKOH/g polyester resin and the ratio of KT188 to 80:20.

2, through the introduction of appropriate amount of TGIC or HAA instead of KT188 can reduce the dosage and improve the mechanical properties of KT188 in the formula design (according to the equivalent calculation), different types of polyester and different collocation ratio will influence the final gloss, so polyester is necessary to select the appropriate.

3, in order to obtain better mechanical properties can be appropriate to add a small amount of accelerator to improve mechanical properties. Join the company's KT109 can improve the film surface.

The curing temperature of 6.KT188 is 15min@200.

Four, storage and matters needing attention

Stored in a cool and dry place, away from the fire source, sealed in a timely manner in order to put the tide.

Five, packaging

Polyethylene Lined kraft paper packing, net weight 25kg.