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KT109 Outdoor Matting Agent for Powder Coating

Extinction agent for KT109 powder coatings
1 product profiles
KT109 is a modified polyolefin wax matting additive for outdoor weather resistant polyester /TGIC (also used in HAA system) powder coating or hybrid powder coating physical matting agent. KT109 is characterized by the surface of the delicate plump, flat flow, scratch resistance, good resistance to baking, can provide 30-70 degrees (60 degrees) gloss surface.
2 technical parameters
Appearance: light yellow granules or powder
Volatile matter: <1.5%
Melting process: 100-118
3 technology and application characteristics
It can be used not only for the extinction of polyester /TGIC powder coating but also for the extinction of hybrid powder coatings.
This product is a kind of additive type of matting agent, usually does not participate in the formulation of powder coating. Therefore, the formula generally does not require special design. As long as the user can add the product in the pre mixed phase. The gloss of the coating can be controlled simply by adjusting the amount of addition and the choice of filler, but there is a limit to the adjustable gloss.
On the surface of the black low gloss powder, there will be waxy precipitate.
The actual amount of the experiment was determined not to exceed 3.5% of the total amount of powder.
4 storage packaging
Store in a cool, dry place, sealed with Polyethylene Lined with kraft paper, net weight: 25 kg.