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KT109 matting agent for indoor or outdoor

KT109 is a kind of matting agent based on the special waxes. Normally it is applied for TGIC or hybrid systems. It provides a better leveling surface than the conventional matting waxes.
2.Technical data:
Appearance:              yellowish granules
Volatile :                 ≤1.5%
Melting point:             100---115℃
Flash point:               >200℃

1.In the process of powder coating, KT109 is incorporated into the formulation, then extruded. Gloss level can be varied from 70~30% by  the adjustment of the amounts of KT109. The degree of gloss depends on the polyester resin selected.
2.The flowing and impact properties are not affected by the addition of matting agents. When KT109 is applied in the weather durable coating, the film still exhibits a good outdoor durability.
3.The amount of KT109 in the formulation is about 1----4% based on the total powder, the detail should be tested in the lab.
4.Due to the presence of wax, the use of matting agent KT109 is restricted to the light and pastel shades.
5.According to the current state of the art, consistent gloss and mechanical properties are obtained for a minium bake temperature of 190℃.
4.reference formulation 
      P5201(DSM)        56.1
      TGIC        4.2
      PV88        0.8
      Benzoin        0.3
      BaSO4        17.3
      TiO2        17.3
      KT109        4
 5. Packaging:
 PE-lined, multi-ply paper bag.Net weight :25Kg
 Storage and Handling:
 Keep in the cool and dry place, far away from fire, washing with water after application.