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KT103 matting agent for powder coating


KT103 is a kind of wax free, none-yellowing matting agent, exclusively designed for epoxy/polyester hybrid systems. It is not necessary to change epoxy/polyester ratio in the formulation. The gloss level ranging from 7 to 50 can be easily obtained by adjustment of formulation. The minimum baking temperature for consistent gloss and mechanical properties starts from 170℃.

2.Technical data

Appearance:white or yellowish powder


Melting point :not applicable


Dosage: typically 1-5 percent based on total formulation.

Hybrid system: 50/50,60/40 are preferred or combination of 50/50 and 60/40.

The gloss level can be varied by adjustment of matting agent in formulation without changing the epoxy/polyester ratio.

Minimum baking temperature : 170℃.

Wax can be added if needed.

Gloss level varies from resin selected.

Very excellent color stability even at high baking temperature,  particularly suitable for light shades.

4.Suggested formulation

Epoxy resin: EEW 800-900,polyester: AV: 68-75mgKOH/g 3B from shenjian chemical.

5.Storage and package

Keep in the cool and dry place, PE-lined, with multi-ply paper bag, net weight : 25kg